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Use Makeup to display data in your Phoenix UI

Here at Simplebet, we work on a product that is primarily centered around data. For our internal tools, we often want to be able to view the contents of raw messages for inspection, debugging, and testing. By combining Phoenix templates with the Makeup source code highlighter, it couldn’t be easier.

To get started, add makeup and makeup_elixir to your project. (Fun fact, Makeup is the tool that ex_doc uses to generate that beautifully printed source code in all Elixir documentation)

 {:makeup, "~> 1.0"},
 {:makeup_elixir, "~> 0.15.0"},

Then you can render your data like this

<div class="m-2 overflow-hidden shadow-lg">
        <%= raw Makeup.stylesheet(Makeup.Styles.HTML.StyleMap.friendly_style()) %>
    <%= raw Makeup.highlight(inspect(@message.message, pretty: true)) %>

The best part, Makeup has a list of stylesheets that you can choose from. I chose “friendly”, but there are many more. Enjoy!