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How to import CSV file to the Database

Today I learned how to import CSV data file to the database, and populate the table.

Imagine you have this migration in your application with the following columns:

create table(:users) do
  add(:first_name, :string, null: false)
  add(:last_name, :string, null: false)
  add(:username, :string, null: false)
  add(:email, :string, null: false)

And this would be the CSV file:

First Name,Last Name,Username,Email

And how can I import my CSV file to the users’ table on the database?

~$ psql -U user -d database <<USERS
COPY users(first_name, last_name, username, email) FROM '/path/to/users.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;

After finishing, you will receive and output with COPY 2 the quantity of copies into your table.